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Integrity Comittee

1.0 What is the Integrity Committee

The Anti-Corruption Commission is mandated by law to spearhead the fight against corruption in Zambia.

Each organisation should be responsible for preventing corruption from occurring within its sphere of control.

The role of the  Anti- Corruption Commission is to  provide assistance and advice to those organisations which introduce preventive measures and to provide investigation and prosecution services when corrupt practices become apparent.

An integrity committee is a committee appointed in an organisation, tasked with taking steps to prevent corruption within the organisations sphere of control.

2.0 The National Road Fund Agency Integrity Committee

The first members of the Integrity Committee of the National Road Fund Agency  were sworn in by the Secretary to the Cabinet on the 9th October 2010, after going through an Induction Training Programme which was conducted by the Anti-Corruption Commission from 9th to 20th October 2010 in Siavonga. This marked the creation of National Road Fund Agency Integrity Committee.

2.1 How National Road Fund Integrity Committee members are appointed

  • The Director/CEO appoints Integrity Committee members on behalf of the Secretary to the Cabinet for a term of three (3) years;
  • An Integrity Committee member maybe reappointed;
  • All members of the Integrity Committee are sworn in by the Secretary to the Cabinet.

2.2 What are the roles of the National Road Fund Integrity Committee

The main roles of the NRFA Integrity Committee are to:

  • Spearhead and facilitate the process of preventing corruption within then NRFA;
  • Be responsible for the production and implementation of an annual institutional Corruption Prevention Action Plan and budget in consultation with the Senior Management and the ACC. This Action Plan contains measurable steps;
  • Prepare quarterly reports for submission by the CEO to the Secretary to the Cabinet through the ACC highlighting the progress made in the implementation of the Action Plan;
  • Facilitate the continuous review and internalization of a Code of Ethics within the organisation;
  • Facilitate continuous review and implementation of the Service Charter within the organisation; Training staff in ethics, integrity and anti-corruption strategies;
  • Receive , consider and provide redress on all complaints emanating from within and outside the organisation relating to ethical issues and unsatisfactory service delivery , and refer all complaints that are outside the NRFA’s competence to appropriate agencies/authorities for appropriate remedy/action. The Committee provides responses and resolutions within reasonable time and at most not more than (7) days in case of simple complaints;
  • Recommend administrative action to management as a response to complaints which have been substantiated;
  • To facilitate/recommend re-engineering of processes and systems within  NRFA aimed at improving service delivery.

3.0 Governance Documents

NRFA has put in place the following governance documents as measurable steps to prevent corruption:-

i)  Service Charter

ii) Board Charter

iii) Audit Charter

iv) Code of Ethics

v) Whistle-blower Policy

vi) Disciplinary Code and Grievance Procedure

4.0 Procedure for reporting suspected corruption in NRFA

The NRFA IC has put in place the following mechanisms for receiving comments and complaints through the NRFA IC Chairperson:-

i) In person :33 Fairley Road, Ridgeway, Lusaka

ii) Letter: Box 50695 , Lusaka

iii) Suggestion Box: 33 Fairely Road, Ridgeway, Lusaka

iv) Phone: 260211255660/253145/250823

v) Fax: 260211253154/252731

vi) Email: nrfa@zamnet.zm or roadfund@nrfa.org.zm

5.0 Contact details of the NRFA IC

i) Director Internal Audit (IC Chairperson)

Tel. No. 2600211254562

ii) Manager Finance (IC Secretary) Tel. No 260211253145

iii) Director Corporate Services (IC Member) Tel.No.260211254551

iv) Manager Tolling Infrastructure (IC Member)

v) Manager Monitoring and Evaluation (IC Member) Tel. No. 260211255660

vi) Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (IC Secretariat)