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Fairley Road

Plot No 33, Lusaka


We applaud the successful implementation of Government intervention encouraging social distancing, limiting public gatherings and closing up of social spaces including, bars, nightclubs and fitness centres so that we are not exposed to the virus which has globally infected over 1 million people.

At NRFA, our normal operations have not been spared and we have extended an invitation to all our clients to contact us on digital platforms and avoid walk-in services at the Head Office in Lusaka and all Toll facilities across the country.

To protect our office environments, we have made hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and disinfecting wipes available for all employees. We have also instituted enhanced cleaning protocols in all of the common areas in our offices.

Specifically, Road Tolling places the Agency in the face of the virus as Toll Collectors interface with various motorists from home and abroad and this has led us to place stringent measures at all Toll Stations as well as at our Head Office in Lusaka in line with Ministry of Health guidelines.

We have upscaled toll payments using Electronic cards to minimize the risk of handling cash and these Toll Cards are being issued at Wilson Mofya Chakulya, Enock Kavindele, Michael Chilufya Sata, Kafulafuta, Manyumbi, Katuba, Humphrey Mulemba, Chilonga, Mumbwa, Daniel Munkombwe and Chongwe Toll Gates.

The E-Toll cards are being sold at K100.00 (One hundred Kwacha only) and are pre-loaded with K100.00 (One Hundred Kwacha only) Toll value bringing the total cost to K200.00 (Two hundred kwacha) per card.

This Electronic Tolling platform is an efficient and secure way of accessing our toll stations through the use of the Electronic Toll Cards which are embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and enables road users to make cashless payments.

Further, we have suspended all physical meetings and have proceeded to hold Board and Committee meetings using video links as our top priority is to maintain the health and safety of our employees, clients and all stakeholders while maintaining a consistent level of client service.

A help desk has been introduced at the Head Office and can be reached through 0764 930 425. Inquiries to the office of the Director/Chief Executive Officer should be directed to 0953754226/0777398703 Fund Management Department: 0953755047/0777398702 and Road Tolling Department: 0953754956/0777398701.

We send you our best wishes in these challenging times and urge you to stay safe.