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The NRFA’s modus operandi is to proactively Mobilise Resources and administer the Road Fund transparently and sustainably, to ensure value for money and stimulate social-economic growth.

A resilient National Road Tolling Programme has transformed Zambia into a beacon of learning within a short period, drawing attention from the region and beyond, as Road Funds look for sustainable solutions to road financing.

The NRFA has so far rolled out the tolling programme across the country with 34 tolling points consisting of 21 Toll Stations, three (03) Weighbridges and Eleven (10) Ports of Entry.

In extending its tolling footprint, the Agency commenced tolling at Mokambo Border Post, which connects Zambia to the Democratic Republic of Congo 20 Kilometres away from the Town of Mufulira on the Copperbelt Province.

NRFA Director Tolling, Daniel Mtonga said the move was necessary to capture the increased traffic that the border post has experienced over the years.

 He noted that motorists had resorted to using the Mokambo Border Post due to prolonged processing time at Kasumbelesa Border Post, resulting in the Agency losing out on the necessary revenues that were being directed towards the rehabilitation of the Ndola-Mufulira Road.

“We noticed that traffic coming in the country through the Mokambo Border Post had increased. For the Agency to keep capturing the revenue which was being collected at Kasumbalesa Border Post, we decided to commence Tolling at Mokambo to keep giving our road users good service”, he said.

The Mokambo Border Post becomes the latest entry point to be added to the list of tolling points as the Agency further plans to commence tolling at 7 other entry points. These are; CSakanya, Luangwa, Lusuntha, Kashiba, Zombe, Chavuma and Jimbe.